Washington Power & Light, Inc.


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Products & Technologies we offer:


Induction Lighting: Wall Packs, Floods, Cobra Heads for Exterior, Street Lighting & Parking Lot Illumination by Crystal Lighting, Team Induction


Energetic Control Systems

By Global Control Solutions


LED, MR16, Downlights, Track Lighting, Exits, Linear, Cove, Display & Neon Replacement

By DuraLed, Energetic, Havells-SLI, & Mule


T8 & T5 High Bay High Effficiency HID Replacement for Industrial, Warehouse and Retail

By Energetic, Havells-SLI & US Par


Compact Fluorescent, (CFL), T8 & T5 Lamps
By Sylvania Lighting Intl., Havells-SLI & Energetic


Compact Fluorescent Wall, Sconce & Exterior Fixtures
By US Par


Emergency Ballasts, HID Hi & Lo Bay, HID Wall Packs

By Crystal Lighting & Cybertech


Cold Cathode Ultra Long Life Linear Cove & Neon Replacement Fixtures

By Neotek


T8 & T5 Flourescent Troffers, Strips, Wraps, Vapor Tights

By Energetic & Havells-SLI


Energetic Control Systems

By Global Control Solutions


Internet based Load Mgt



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